Rotary is the world’s most prominent and reputable service organization with 1.2 million members focusing on humanitarian efforts, such as promoting peace, fighting disease, supporting education, growing economy locally and globally. In District 7475 we have over 2,100 proactive and service-driven Rotarians in 83 clubs. We network, share ideas, discuss the needs of our community and take tangible action to make a positive and long-lasting difference while enjoying personal and professional growth and fun. We invite like-minded individuals to join our successful and vibrant organization by contacting Jeannie Tsukamoto, District Membership Chair at  Click HERE to find a club near your.  Click HERE to learn more of who we are.
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During this time of uncertainty and the need for social distancing, District Governor Ray Freaney invites all Rotarians in the District to participate in a weekly online Zoom meeting on Tuesdays.  Meetings will be on Tuesdays, and alternate one week at 12 noon and the next week at 4 pm.  Our goal is to keep Rotarians connected, provide interesting speakers, district updates, share club projects and facilitate service to our communities.  Meetings are also open to prospective members who have an interest in learning more about Madison Rotary.  For security purposes, advance registration is required for each meeting. Once you register you will receive log on information.  Save that information you will need it to log on.  Below is the meeting schedule and the registration links.
Meeting Schedule and Registration Links
D7475 Weekly Zoom Mtg - Tuesday, June 2 2020 - 4:00 pm
Speaker - Barry Rassin - Past Rotary International President
To Register - Go to "Event Section" on the left and click on the link to Register
New Date For Raffle Drawing - June 25, 2020
Help Needed, Help Wanted, Help Available
It is a new day and most of our Rotary fund raising events are cancelled. The District 7475 Foundation is trying to help via it's Grant project. But you can also get immediate help, and help us, by committing to selling the equivalent of at least 1 District Wide Raffle ticket per club member... and going electronic with your advertising of this event.  Remember, approximately $9.75 of every $20 ticket is coming right back to your charity budget.   If we sell this out, over $70,000 will be disbursed. Tickets will be available on a first come first served basis until we sell out. About 50% of the available tickets are currently in play.  For additional information contact Bob Button, PDG at
Rotary District 7475 Foundation has allocated $20,000 for grants to be used by Clubs in the District for Covid related projects.  The maximum amount of the grant will be $1000  but may be less depending on how many Clubs in the District apply for a grant.  ($20,000 divided by # of clubs).  There is a tight timeline for this to happen.  Deadline for  grant applications is April 21, 2020 and must be emailed to DG Ray Freaney at with a copy emailed to PDG Bob Button at  Clubs must be in good standing i.e. dues paid, etc. to receive a grant.  Click link below to access grant application form.
With increased public anxiety regarding COVID-19, we wish to inform Rotarians and members of the public the status of various Rotary Events.  Below is a list of events that have been cancelled  - many of the events will be rescheduled when the issue of the Corona virus is resolved.  Several other event further out on the calendar are still planned to occur as scheduled.  The only event still on the Rotary calendar is RYLA scheduled for June 12 - 14, 2020.  We are hopeful of things improving.  As things unfold in he next few weeks a further determination will be made if RYLA can be held or not.
March 19 - 21, 2020PETSSwitched to Online Format
March 19, 2020RIPE Holger Knaack DinnerCancelled  
March 21, 2020End Hunger - College of NJCancelled - will be rescheduled
March 28, 2020End Hunger - Raritan Valley CCCancelled - will be rescheduled
April 16, 2020Community Connection InitiativeCancelled - will be rescheduled
April 18, 2020RLI - West OrangeCancelled
May 7-10, 2020District Conference BaltimoreCancelled
May 21, 2020District Training AssemblyCancelled - will be rescheduled
June 6 - 10, 2020Rotary Interantiona ConventionCancelled
June 12-14, 2020RYLA - Drew UniversityCancelled
June 25, 2020Banner ExchangeCancelled - will be rescheduled
June 25-July 16, 2020Short Term Youth Exchange - JapanCancelled
Do you shop on Amazon?  The Rotary Global Rewards program has made an arrangement with Amazon that will contribute 5% of total purchases to The Rotary Foundation provided individuals logon to Amazon through the Rotary portal.  Click the Amazon logo below to access Amazon rotary portal.  Bookmark the url for the future.  Additionally, there are hundreds of additional discounts on things like car rentals, hotel accommodations, major stores, etc - Click Read More for
Download the ClubRunner App form the Apple or Google store and have access to club, officer and contact information. Check out the video for full details.
Rotary was founded in 1905.  The first four Rotarians. From left: Gustavus Loehr, Silvester Schiele, Hiram E. Shorey, Paul P. Harris. Click Read More for additional details.
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June 2020
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Rotary News
Nature & Nurture

With help from a Rotary Foundation global grant, a group of women in rural Costa Rica are using ecotourism to enrich their families' futures.

Statement from Rotary International

Statement from Rotary InternationalAt Rotary, we have no tolerance for racism. Promoting respect, celebrating diversity, demanding ethical leadership, and working tirelessly to advance peace are central tenets of our work.We have

Watch: Italian clubs aim to protect hospital workers responding to COVID-19

Rotary clubs in districts across Italy worked together to procure state-of-the-art equipment needed to combat the deadly coronavirus disease for 26 hospitals around the country.

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