This District Foundation Committee assists the governor in educating Rotarians about Foundation programs and fundraising activities and inspiring them to participate. It serves as a liaison between the Foundation and club members. The district governor is an ex officio member of the committee.

General Responsibilities of the District Foundation Committee Include:
  • Assist the district governor in presenting a district Rotary Foundation seminar for club presidents, presidents-elect, club Foundation committees, and other Rotarians to help Rotarians better understand The Rotary Foundation and to qualify clubs for District Grants.
  • Help the district training committee conduct Foundation sessions each year at the presidents-elect training seminar and district training assembly.
  • Encourage clubs to offer at least two programs on the Foundation annually, paying special attention to November, which is Rotary Foundation Month.
  • Promote high levels of financial support for Foundation programs by encouraging contributions to The Rotary Foundation
  • Coordinate all district Foundation fundraising and program participation.
  • Encourage clubs to find current Foundation information at
  • Decide, in consultation with the district governor and governor-elect, how to use the District Designated Fund (DDF), as well as, authorize the use of DDF for grants and qualifying the clubs in your district.
  • Help the governor-elect gather input from club-level Rotarians before establishing district Foundation goals for the upcoming year.
  • Represent the committee in the DDF distribution process and, with the district governor, authorize the use of the fund for program, grant, and fundraising purposes.
  • Ensure that satisfactory final reports on district-sponsored programs and activities are submitted to The Rotary Foundation in a timely manner.
  • Help the governor select qualified recipients for Foundation awards.
  • Qualify the district and its clubs to use Rotary Foundation grants.
  • Ensure that all clubs interested in participating in Rotary Foundation grants are able to qualify.
  • Confirm that clubs applying for global grants are qualified
  • Increase the number of members in the Paul Harris Society
  • Increase the number of members in the Bequest Society
  • Increase the number of Major Donors