Do you shop on Amazon?  The Rotary Global Rewards program has made an arrangement with Amazon that will contribute 5% of total purchases to The Rotary Foundation provided individuals logon to Amazon through the Rotary portal.  Click the Amazon logo below to access Amazon rotary portal.  Bookmark the url for the future.  Additionally, there are hundreds of additional discounts on things like car rentals, hotel accommodations, major stores, etc - Click Read More for
Here is how you can contribute 5% of your Amazon purchases to Rotary International
2.  Select Amazon which is the first choice
3.  Bookmark the Amazon shopping page (this is the regular Amazon site)
4.  Once you log on to Amazon using your bookmarked site - the Amazon site will know you are connected to Rotary and 5% of your purchase will be contributed to Rotary International.
Google Rotary Global rewards to see and take advantage of all offers.
1.  Is the the same programs as Amazon smile?
No - Amazon smile programs allows you to select any charity of your choice and 1/2 of one percent is contributed to that charity in your name
2.  Can I get the 5% contributed by logging on to the regular Amazon site as I always do?
No - your must logo on using the rotary portal for global rewards or using the bookmark your created above.  This is the only way to be identified that you have a connection with Rotary.d
3.  Are there discounts when shopping Amazon?
There are no discounts on the Amazon site only 6% contribution to Rotary.  However there are hundreds of other discounts/rewards/contributions available on the global reward website at: