Thank you to the clubs who have joined the DWR so far. As of February 28, 31 clubs and 2 outside organizations have put over 3500 tickets into play. If all these tickets are sold, first prize will exceed $21,000 and approximately $35,000 will be divided among the participating clubs according to the number of tickets they sell. In answer to a question,  the 91 prizes are given to individuals and are not related at all the clubs’ share of the charity money.  While participation to date is excellent, we still have plenty of time for more of the fifty remaining clubs to participate…or for participating clubs to get more tickets.  Remember, this is an event designed to help every club, but especially to help our smaller clubs that could not raise the charity money made possible by an event of this size.  To order tickets, contact Robert Button, at  The drawing is at 8 pm, May 13, 2019 at the District 7475 Assembly, Embassy Suites Hotel, Berkeley Heights, NJ.