Thank you for increasing your participation!! As of March 29, 38 clubs and 3 sponsored organizations have put almost 4200 of the available 7500 tickets into play. If all these tickets are sold, first prize will be almost $25,000, 30 second prizes will exceed $400 and 60 thirds will exceed $200.  
Almost $40,000 will be divided among the participating clubs according to the number of tickets they sell. At this time, 91 chances to win per ticket bought out of 4200 tickets in play gives purchasers very good odds! But we can do better!  Remember, this is an event designed to help every participating club, but especially to help our smaller clubs that could not raise the charity money made possible by an event of this size.  To order tickets, contact Robert Button, at
I do appreciate you sending in tickets incrementally as they are sold. Please make sure your return envelope is strong enough, since the post office seems determined to rip them.  
The drawing is at 8 pm, May 13, 2019 at the District 7475 Assembly, Embassy Suites Hotel, Berkeley Heights, NJ.